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Genesis 3



GENESIS 3 Technology Advantages

Your art creations are limitless - with the most versatile, realistic and morphable 3D human models on the planet, powered by Genesis 3 Technology. Daz 3D is known industry-wide as providing the greatest advancements in art and animation technology and our Genesis 3 characters included in your FREE download of Daz Studio are no exception. Experience for yourself why Daz 3D is known for the most morphable and true-to-life figures by artists world-wide.


Take advantage of powerful morphing capabilities – Combine various body and extremity shapes, sizes, and muscularity in order to build your one-of-a-kind person or creature.



Providing bases in both female and male forms gives you even more control and the power to create more realistic characters. Dressing your characters in feminine and masculine design specific clothing makes for sexier and truer-to-life attire that drapes, hangs and hugs more realistically without stretching.

male and female base


The more detailed a character is, the more realistic and life-like it becomes. With Genesis 3's HD morphs, we've improved the levels of detail on some of the most critical body parts including the face, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, chest and neck. These advancements combined make Genesis 3 more true-to-life than has ever been seen in a morphable human 3d figure.

increased deatail


Genesis 3 captures facial expression in a very life-like way, the movable jaw and increased facial polygons and eye reflection mesh makes for incredibly life-like characters that truly convey emotions. It also has twice as many points of articulation as ever before, for even greater expression capabilities.

increased deatail


No matter how life-like a figure is, it requires the ability to move in a realistic way. With Genesis 3, the levels of articulation are one of the most significant improvements. For example, Genesis 3 allows for individual movement of ears, toes, neck, chest, abdomen, etc., as well as reworked weight mapping, resulting in more realistic and advanced posing over previous generations.



Genesis 3 content works across all Genesis 3 figures. What this means is that the same hair, dress, and shoes you place on your 22 year old slender cheerleader will still fit her fine as you morph her into a seven foot tall ogre with a massive physique or a tricycle riding toddler off for a romp in the yard.



Daz Studio is powerful free software that allows you to manipulate Daz 3D content, and also has built in file export capabilities. This means that all of your Daz 3D content can easily be imported into other popular 3D software tools such as 3DS Max, Mudbox and Maya. Export formats include Autodesk FBX, COLLADA, and OBJ, BVH, and Universal 3D. Files can also be exported as Alembic, by purchasing the add-on Alembic Exporter for Daz Studio. New technological advancements, such as Dual Quaternion weight maps, triangle free mesh, reduce polygon count and UDIM standard UVs, make Genesis 3 even more compatible with other industry standard 3D applications for ease of cross platform use.

cross application