Interactive License
Interactive License:

Standard License Agreement vs. Interactive License:

The Standard License Agreement for content purchased on the Daz 3D website allows you to do some really neat stuff. A few of those things are:

  • 1- Render out images
  • 2- Render out videos
  • 3- Render out an HDRI or Virtual Reality scene

Any of these you render out are completely owned by you. You can use them, sell them, modify them, pretty much whatever you want. This is allowed by the End User License Agreement (EULA) because what you are delivering to the end consumer is not the actual 3D content, but a render of it.

If however,

You want to create an experience where someone can alter what is happening, such as an application or a video game that changes depending on what the user does, then such things will generally require access to information about the 3D assets so that it can move them around, alter them, and generally manipulate them to change the user experience.

This would not be covered under the standard EULA and would require that you purchase an Interactive License for any of the content that you are using in this way. As a note: not all content offers an Interactive License option. This is a choice that the creators of each piece of content have and can choose to offer or not.

To read the full legal rights under the EULA. Additionally, the legal details of the Interactive License Addendum (as well as any Game Developer licenses you may have purchased in the past) is covered in section 3.0 of the EULA.

Unless otherwise specified, no discounts or offers will apply to Interactive Licenses, and these licenses are not eligible for returns or refunds.